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Younger Brother

Younger Brother is a Downtempo / Ambient group centred around Simon Posford and Benji Vaughan.  Younger Brother started off as a electronic ambient act but now record and perform with a full band.  Younger Brother have released three studio albums and are signed to Twisted Records.

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'All I Want'
(Twisted Records 2007)
'The Last Days Of Gravity'
(Twisted Records 2007)
Camp Bisco Festival,
New York 2010

Early Years: 2003 to present

Younger Brother was formed by the coming together of Simon Posford and Benji Vaughan.  The pair knew already each other well before starting out on the Younger Brother project as Posford is also the co-head of Prometheus’ record label Twisted Records.

Both started out as Psy-Trance producers (Posford as Hallucinogen, and Vaughan as Prometheus). Though Posford was already pushing his own musical boundaries as half of the Psychedelic ambient band Shpongle.

The first Younger Brother album ‘A Flock Of Bleeps’ (Twisted Records 2003) was tour-de-force of electronic and ambient weirdness and beats, including the twisted masterpiece ‘Weird On A Monday Night’.   ‘A Flock Of Bleeps’ received widespread critical acclaim and was a underground success.  The duo took the Younger Brother act on tour and were playing to audiences of up to 3,000 people.

The follow-up album ‘The Last Days Of Gravity’ (Twisted Records 2007) deviated from the pure electronica of the debut album, including adding vocals from Ru Campbell on many tracks.  ‘The Last Days Of Gravity’ proved to be even more successful than its predecessor and included landmark tracks such as ‘All I Want’.  The album also narrowly missed out on nomination for the coveted UK music industry Mercury Prize.

Younger Brother followed on the success of ‘The Last Days Of Gravity’ by taking an extended line up on tour that now additionally featured a bassist, guitarist and drummer.  The effect of touring with a full live band was very evident in the sound of the third Younger Brother album ‘Vaccine’ (Twisted Records 2011) which at times has little trace of the band’s electronic origins.

Younger Brother is the archetypal side project: both of its talented members feel able to experiment and push boundaries in a way that their main production aliases don’t allow them the freedom to do so.  Thus the sound of Younger Brother is constantly evolving, though it has moved so far away from experimental electronica that it is in danger at times of drifting into mainstream rock / pop.

Simon Posford is Benji Vaughan’s record label boss.