TuneAttic: Find music, know music
About TuneAttic
tuneatticTuneAttic is a curated music discovery and information service.

Not just some gimmicky iPad app, TuneAttic helps you find the music that you love but don’t yet know. We deliver you succinct, highly relevant music recommendations and artist information. TuneAttic doesn’t thrust page after page of vaguely similar artists under your nose, instead we pick out the few artists you’re really going to love.

We’ve got a great collection of cool discovery tools to make finding new music quick and fun (more on those below), all powered by TuneAttic’s proprietary, revolutionary artist classification scheme. TuneAttic has been built by music lovers for music lovers. The TuneAttic team is a mix of musicians, seasoned industry executives and technology experts. Most importantly we all love music, and want to help you find even more music you love.

We’ve already got a fantastic database of artist profiles but we’re adding to them all the time and soon we’ll be launching a community where you’ll be able to contribute to TuneAttic. If you want to sign up for the waiting list for our community email us at signup@tuneattic.com

And if you want to get in touch with us about anything else please email us at info@tuneattic.com

TuneAttic Music Discovery Features

Here are just a few of the ways you can find great music with TuneAttic.
If you already have an idea of what you're looking for and just want a helping hand then you can browse for artists, conveniently broken down into genres and sub-genres using one of TuneAttic's Wall of Tunes. Just scroll down until you find the artist you want, one click or touch and you're on the profile page of the artist.
If you want to explore by style of music rather than by the name of a band or singer then take a look at our Genre Trees. These unique features show you how your favourite genre of music has evolved over time. Just click on any of the subgenres to see lists of artists who make that style of music.
For a real music journey take a look at our Molecular Music Maps. Using TuneAttic's revolutionary metadata scheme we have created a unique molecular map of the music world where every single artist has its own unique location. Navigate to your genre or subgenre of choice, zoom in and find great new artists you'll love.
If you want to get a taste of how your favourite style of music has evolved over time take a look at our Genre Timelines which show you all the key singles and albums that you need to take a listen to. And if you want to really dive deep into a genre, then take a look at TuneAttic's Genre Overviews. You'll find everything you could possibly want to know, including the big artists, the new talent, the legends, the record labels, there's even a bluffers' guide so you can sound clever with your mates down the pub!