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Tocadisco is a Spanish born, German raised house DJ and producer.  With over 60 remixes and 30 own productions to his name, Tocadisco is one of the big names of mainstream dance.

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(Superstar Recordings 2007)
'Toca 128.0 FM'
(Superstar Recordings 2009)
Love Parade

Early Years: 2005 to present

Tocadisco was born in Spain but was raised in Cologne in Germany.  In 1996 he started DJ-ing at Düsseldorf's UNIQUE Club.  As his DJ career began to take shape he built himself a studio and by the early noughties was remixing for the likes of Slam. By 2003 he was signed to German dance label Superstar Records with whom he would release all of his future productions.

Hi first release for Superstar Records was 2003’s ‘Nobody (Likes The Records That I Play’).  Featuring a high pitched, cut up sample repeating the phrase ‘nobody likes the records that I play’ and sampled live drums the track was distinctive and a club hit.  The success of the track saw Tocadisco embark on a world tour.

In 2005 he followed ‘Nobody..’ with a remix of Kelly Charles’ 1987 hit ‘You’re No Good For Me’ (made famous by the Prodigy track ‘No Good’).  Unlike ‘Nobody..’, it was a more conventional electro house track with a big analog bass riff and a pounding kick drum.
Tocadisco released four tracks for Superstar in 2005 and another two in 2006, including the tribal electro house track ‘Music Loud’. Featuring big builds, a looped vocal chant, bass riff and driving percussion ‘Music Loud’ delivered the peak time dancefloor sound that Tocadisco was rapidly building a reputation for.

As the second half of the noughties progressed he started to embrace the minimal tech-house sound that was sweeping across the dance music scene.  So tracks like ‘Morumbi’ still have big breaks but have a more constrained and pared down sound than previous tracks.

Other Tocadisco tracks still clung to the peak time electro feel, such as ‘Freaks’ with Moguai in 2007 and ‘Shrine’ featuring Chelonis R Jones, also in 2007. In 2008 Tocadisco’s profile got a further boost when teamed up with David Guetta for the vocal house single ‘Tomorrow Can Wait’.

Also in 2008 Tocadisco released his first studio album ‘Solo’.  He followed this up with a second one in 2009, entitled ‘Toca 128.0 FM’ which featured a more diverse range of sounds including the pop vocal house ‘Better Run’ (with Nadia Ali on vocals) and the jazzy house ‘All This Night’.

With well over 60 remixes to name and over 30 singles Tocadisco is one of the big names in mainstream dance.  He has successfully fused elements of peak time electro house and minimal house to create a sound that both works both on the dance floor and on the radio.

In 2009 Tocadisco married a Brazilian model called Natasha Garcez and his name to Roman Böer de Garcez.