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Sébastien Léger

Sébastien Léger is a French house DJ and producer.  Producing since 1999 Léger has over 70 releases to his name and numerous remixes, including for Justin Timberlake, Groove Armada and Kylie Minogue.  Since 2007 he has run his own record label Mistakes Music.

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Sébastien Léger timeline
'We Are'
(Cyclik 2000)
'King Size'
(Black Jack 2002)

Early Years: 1999 to 2004

Sébastien Léger was born in Evry, France in 1979.  Originally formally trained in piano and drums he began mixing and producing in the late nineties during the heyday of the French House scene led by the likes of Bob Sincalir, Dimitri from Paris and Daft Punk.

Léger’s earliest releases in 1999, with Nicolas De Floriant as part of Deaf’N Dumb Crew, were very much a product of the scene.  In keeping with the French House style, Deaf’N Dumb Crew releases such as the ‘Flagrant Delit’ E.P. and ‘Champagne’ wore their disco influences on their sleeves, featuring big funky bass lines, guitar loops and filtered break downs.

Léger’s first solo production that gained significant recognition was ‘We Are’ (Cyclic, 2000).  ‘We Are’ picked up where Deaf’N Dumb Crew had left off, with a big looped funky guitar riff, disco bass and filtered break down. 

Léger sustained a prolific output, with 25 releases between 1999 and 2001 alone. Many of these tracks – such as ‘Impossible A Cerner’ (Essence, 2001) saw Léger continue on the path of the disco influenced French house sound.  Though Léger did experiment with other sounds on some tracks, such as the more melodic releases under the alias Elesse.

Léger released his first album ‘Atomic Pop) in 2000 and followed it with another ‘King Size’ in 2002.

(Royal Flush Records 2006)
(Mistakes Music 2007)
Central Europe
Later Years: 2005 to present

Léger continued to deliver a steady stream of releases until his break through release 2005, ‘Take Your Pills’ (Black Jack).  Unlike his earlier releases ‘Take Your Pills’ featured an electro house sound that Léger had been experimenting with for some time on tracks such as ‘Monguno’ (Bits Music 2005) and ‘Hands on Me’ as Sebago (Hot Banana, 2004). 

Léger followed ‘Take Your Pills’ with more well electro house releases that further boosted his growing profile, most notably the ‘Mistakes’ E.P. (in 2006 with Chris Lake) and ‘Hypnotized’ (Royal Flush Records, 2006) and ‘Hit Girl’ (Black Jack, 2006).  The ‘Mistakes’ E.P. would prove to be the start of a long term association with Chris Lake, including further releases and touring together.

Léger launched his own record label Mistakes Music in 2007 and in the same year launched on it the album ‘Planets’.  The album featured 11 tracks each named after the planets in the universe.  The tracks delivered a dirty, twisted electro sound first seen on ‘Hit Girl’. 

Léger recorded his first BBC Radio 1 Essential mix in 2008. By this stage Léger was taking his sound in yet another new direction.  Releases such as ‘Talisman’ (Mistakes Music, 2008) and ‘Jaguar’ (on Eric Prydz’s Pryda Friends label, 2009) were still firmly electro but had a more stripped down almost minimal, melody driven sound.  Yet this new direction didn’t last for long, but was instead a stepping stone towards an ever more minimal but funkier and less melodic sound. Tracks such as ‘Le Moustique’ and ‘The White Island’ (both Mistakes Music, 2009) were more percussive, with a tighter feel and techno edge.

Léger continued to evolve and experiment with his sound in 2010, ranging from the big analog bass driven twisted dance floor electro of ‘Silicone Carne’ to the quirky electro funk of ‘Balkamaniac’ (both Mistakes Music, 2010).

Léger made clear the importance he gives to his new sound with a post on his Facebook page denouncing releases of older material on other labels against his wishes as ‘bootlegs’ and not reflective of his current sound.

Sébastien Léger is a well established house producer who has successively and successfully reinvented himself.  In his early years his productions were high quality but didn’t stand out from the French House pack.  But since his reinvention as an electro house artist in the mid noughties he has hit upon a sound that is both distinctive and that has brought him success and acclaim.

Sébastien Léger is a trained pianist and drummer.  He speaks English, Dutch and French.