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Norman Doray Norman Doray is a French house DJ and producer.  Doray has collaborated with many other house producers to create a solid catalogue of releases, most notably ‘Apocalypse’ with Arno Cost and ‘Tweet It’ with Tim Berg and Sebastien Drums.  He has also remixed multiple artists including Toni Braxton.
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'Tweet It'
(Size Records)
'Cr2 Presents Live & Direct: Arno Cost & Norman Doray' (Cr2 Records 2009)
Residency at
F*** Me I'm Famous

Early Years: 2006 to present

Norman Doray’s first release was a collaboration with fellow French House producer Pierre De La Touche in 2006 entitled the ‘Dance All Night’ E.P. (Disco Galaxy Recordings).  De La Touche’s disco influences are clear, particularly on the up-tempo disco-house of the title track ‘Dance All Night’ featuring feel-good female vocals, funky guitars and disco bass line.

Doray’s next collaboration was a year later with another Frenchman, Arno Cost, but with very different results.  ‘Apocalypse’ (Serial Records) is a brooding progressive track that swaps the disco funk of ‘Dance All Night’ for a dark lead hook, eerie effects and a trance-like arpeggio.

Subsequent releases were equally diverse, ranging from the light vocal house / trance of ‘Last Forever’ (Net's Work International 2009) to the piano house of ‘Jetlag’ (Serial Records 2007).

In 2009 Doray teamed up with Arno Cost again to release his first mix album ‘Cr2 Presents Live & Direct: Arno Cost & Norman Doray’.

By 2010 Doray had started to develop a consistent and more distinctive style.  A sound that was more driving and also more progressive.  This new approach resulted in ‘Tabita’ being chosen as the Essential New Tune of the week by BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong and the collaboration with David Tort ‘Chase the Sun’ reaching number two on Beatport for three weeks.  His last release of 2010 was the driving progressive track ‘Tweet It’ (Size Records 2010) with Tim Berg and Sebastien Drums.  

Doray’s rising profile also resulted in a number of high profile remixes, most notably Toni Braxton's 'Make My Heart', and also a busy touring schedule taking in Brazil, India, Australia, Japan and Ibiza.

Norman Doray is an up and coming talent who until 2010 was still searching for his sound.  A number of solid progressive tracks in 2010 have seen Doray begin to establish a niche for himself.  Early on Doray typically performed best when producing in collaboration with others, but his 2010 track ‘Tabita’ showed that he has developed strong production skills of his own.