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Kyau vs Albert

Kyau and Albert (formerly Kyau vs Albert) are a German trance DJ and producer duo.  Known for their driving vocal trance sound, one half of the duo Steven Albert provides vocals on most of their singles.  The pair run Euphonic records and host a monthly radio show Euphonic Sessions with Kyau & Albert.

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Kyau vs Albert timeline


'Save Me'
(Club Culture 2002)
'Worldvibe' (euphonic 2006)
San Franciso 2008

Early Years: 1996 to present

Ralph Kyau and Steven Albert started off the nineties as solo trance producers.  Kynau DJed and performed Live PA’s, released his first single ‘Modulation Experiments’ in 1993 and set up Harmony Recordings the same year, which was also the same year Albert started producing. In 1994 the pair met for the first time and the following year they started producing and performing together.

By 1996 they released their first single ‘Let Me In’ (Harmony Recordings 1996) and assumed the alias Kyau vs Albert.  In 1997 they set up Euphonic records (into which Harmony Recordings was folded) with Ronski Speed as one of the first artists and who would become a long time colleague.

By 2000 Kyau and Albert had built a strong reputation for their live act and were signed by Warner Music subsidiary WEA Records on a three year deal.  2001 saw the release of the single ‘Outside’ (Club Culture 2001).  ‘Outside’ followed the blueprint of driving trance and male vocals (delivered by Albert) which became their signature sound. ‘Outside’ got strong TV and radio support in Germany and elsewhere in Europe and was championed by German trance supremo Paul van Dyk.

In 2004 the duo released their debut studio album ‘Here We Are Now’ (euphonic 2004) which spawned the single ‘Made Of Sun’ (euphonic 2004).  Two years later the pair changed their stage name from Kyau vs Albert to Kyau & Albert. 

In 2006 Kyau and Albert released their second studio album ‘Worldvibe’ (euphonic 2006). The second single from ‘Worldvibe’ ‘Are You Fine?’ (euphonic 2006)  proved to be their most successful single to date.  The following year they released ‘10 Years Euphonic’ (euphonic 2007) to celebrate 10 years of the record label.

In 2010 Kyau and Albert released a collaboration with Above and Beyond ‘Anphonic’ (Anjunabeats 2010).

Kyau and Albert have built up a solid following, particularly in their native Germany, with a sound that is driving enough to have dancefloor appeal but has a strong commercial edge provided by Steven Albert’s vocals.  Though they have never reached the heights of fellow vocal trancers Above and Beyond they retain a loyal following and the support of top tier DJs.