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Jaytech is a production alias of Australian progressive trance DJ and producer James Cayzer.  He has been releasing since 2001 and is known for his melodic but unconventional take on progressive trance. Jaytech and is currently signed to Above and Beyond’s label Anjunadeep

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(Anjunadeep 2009)
'Everything Is OK'
(Anjunadeep 2008)
TATW 350, LA 2010

Early Years: 2001 to present

James Cayzer has been releasing under the Jaytech alias since he was aged 14 and had his first release two years later in 2001 aged 16.  Right from the outset Cayzer established the Jaytech sound as melodic but unconventional progressive trance with strong house and chill out / ambient influences.

Though Jaytech released singles steadily over the following years it wasn’t until 2007 that things really started to take off, most notably with signing to Above and Beyond’s progressive trance label Anjunadeep.  It was an association that would prove to be the springboard for Jaytech’s career.

In 2008 he released his first (and to date only) studio album ‘Everything Is OK’ (Anjunadeep 2008).  He also released eight singles including his breakthrough release ‘Pyramid’ (Anjunadeep 2008).  The dreamy synth chords of ‘Pyramid’ were given a more club focused feel with the Dinka mix which went on to be played widely by top tier DJs, including of course Above and Beyond.

In 2009 Jaytech teamed up with fellow Anjunadeep artist Boom Jinx to produce the Jean Michelle Jarre-esque ‘Milano’ (Anjunadeep 2009).
By this stage Jaytech had become Above and Beyond’s warm-up DJ of choice and was beginning too DJ widely in his own right, with gigs at venues such as Amnesia in Ibiza, the Brixton Academy in London and Womb in Tokyo. and Japan’s world-famous Womb.

In 2010 Jaytech mixed the second Anjunadeep compilation along with James Grant, and in 2011 the pair mixed the follow up ‘Anjunadeep 03’ (Anjunadeep 2011)’.

Under his Jaytech alias James Cayzer has established himself as one of the key figures on the Anjunadeep label roster and indeed in the melodic progressive trance scene more widely.  His strong ear for melody combined with a keen sense of understatement and sophistication have resulted in a strong catalogue of high quality Jaytech releases.  This coupled with his prodigious rate of releases suggest his profile will only grow over the coming years.

James Cayzer is a classically trained pianist and has been producing dance music since he was aged 14.