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Greg Downey

Greg Downey is a UK based Northern Irish trance producer and DJ. He has been releasing since 2006 and mainly releases on reset records and John Askew's Dicover label. He is best known for remixes such as Mansun's 'Wide Open Space' and Bedrock's 'Heaven Scent'.

Greg Downey scales of success
Greg Downey timeline
'Once Again'
(Discover 2008)
'Live As... Vol5'
(Discover 2007)
Planet Love, Northern Ireland 2007

Early Years: 2005 to present

Greg Downey’s first release came in 2005, the double A-side single ‘Cued Recall / Shaker’ (Discover 2005) on UK tech-trance / hard-trance DJ John Askew’s Discover label. 

The single was the first of many for Discover over a 4 year period including a collaboration with fellow Irish trance producer John O'Callaghan in 2006 on the ‘Dark Collabs. EP 1’ (Discover Dark 2006).

In 2007 Downey released his first, and to date only, mix compilation ‘Live As... Vol5’ (Discover 2007) which was recorded live at the Planet Love Festival in Northern Ireland.

In 2008 Downey’s profile got a big lift due to his driving remix of Bedrock’s classic progressive trance track ‘Heaven Scent’.  Downey stayed true to the originals’ lead line melody in his remix but replaced the plodding progressive beats with a thumping kicks drum and driving bass line, and in doing so reinvented the track for contemporary dancefloors.

Downey DJ’s regularly at leading UK and Irish clubs including Lush, Inside Out, Goodgreef, Gatecrasher and The Gallery and also tours globally. 
Downey returned to high profile remakes in 2010 with his take on Mansun’s ‘(I'm In A) Wide Open Space’ (Nebula 2010), a track which had first been remixed in 1998 by Paul Oakenfold.

Greg Downey’s style straddles the more melodic end of hard trance and the more driving edge of mainstream trance.  He has delivered a solid stream of productions since 2005 but has not yet achieved the same sort of recognition and following of other similar styles DJs such as Simon Patterson and Sean Tyas.

When he plays Downey uses 3 CD mixing decks, Serato Scratch Live, Pioneer DJM 800 and a EFX 1000.