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Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke is an influential British Techno DJ and producer.  He started producing in 1991 and his productions, DJ sets and mix compilations have all helped shape the direction of European Techno music.

Dave Clarke scales of success
Dave Clarke timeline


(Deconstruction 1996)
‘Archive One’
(Deconstruction 1996)

Early Years: 1991 to 1999

Dave Clarke early DJ career was like a mirror held up to the evolution of the early days of British dance music: he started out DJ-ing Hip-Hop, then Acid House, then Rave and finally Techno.

Clarke’s first release came in 1991 under the alias Directional Force with the track ‘F.O.’ (R & S Records 1991). Clarke’s breakthrough came a few years later with a series of three E.P.s known as ‘Red’.  The first was released in 1994 - ‘Red’ (Bush 1994) – and revealed the dark but high energy Hard Techno sound that Clarke was beginning to build a reputation for as a DJ.

Clarke released his first studio album - ‘Archive One’ (Deconstruction 1996) – off the back of his new found ‘Red’ E.P.s success

‘The Wolf’
(Skint Records 2002)
‘Devil's Advocate’
(Skint Records 2003)
FUSE 15th Birthday, Belgium 2009

Later Years: 2000 to present

Dave Clarke’s career remained in full swing at the turn of the 21st century.  His first major release of the 2000’s was the landmark mix album ‘World Service’       (React 2001) which is widely recognized as one of the key Techno compilations of the decade.

Clarke followed the success of ‘World Service’ with his most successful single to date: ‘The Wolf’ (Skint Records 2002).

Towards the end of the 2000’s Clarke went on a production hiatus, though he remains active as a DJ playing at across the globe and also continues to release mix compilations. 

Clarke also runs his own record label White Noise and hosts a weekly White Noise radio show in Holland.

Dave Clarke is one of the UK’s leading Techno DJs and producers.  Having been actively involved from the earliest days of the UK dance music scene Clarke has played a key role in shaping both UK Techno and UK dance music more broadly.

Dave Clarke’s father was a DJ.  He has in recent years move from Surrey to Amsterdam, Holland.