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Vibe Tribe

Originally a duo, Vibe Tribe is now the production and performance alias of Russian-Israeli Full On / Psy-Trance producer and DJ Stas Marnyanski.  At the harder end of the Full On spectrum, Vibe Tribe has released three studio albums and had numerous singles licensed to Psy-Trance compilations. 

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(Utopia Records 2004)
'Wise Cracks'
(Utopia Records 2006)
Alliance 2010

Early Years: 2003 to present

Vibe Tribe started out as a joint project of Stas Marnyanski and Elmar Ivatarov, though Ivatarov later left to pursue a solo career (including as Spade) leaving Vibe Tribe as the production and performance alias of Marnyanski.

Vibe Tribe was part of the second wave of Full On, the Israeli-centred hard-edged subgenre of Psy-Trance.  Following in the footsteps of the likes of Sesto Senso and Astrix, Vibe Tribe’s sound owes as much to the influence of Hard Trance and Hard House as it does to Psy-Trance.

As with many Full On artists Vibe Tribe has focused more on studio albums and tracks licensed to compilations than on releasing traditional singles.  An early breakthrough for Vibe Tribe came in the shape of their remix of Infected Mushroom’s ‘Shakawkaw’.

The first Vibe Tribe album ‘Melodrama’ (Utopia Records 2004) showcased Vibe Tribe’s hard, driving sound and big lead line melodies, with the title track a key highlight. 

Vibe Tribe’s second studio album two years later with ‘Wise Cracks’ (Utopia Records 2006).  By this stage Vibe Tribe was becoming increasingly in demand as a DJ and was playing across the globe at major Psy-Trance festivals.  The increased touring schedule slowed the release of his third studio album to 2009: ‘Destination Unknown’ (Com.Pact Records 2009).

In more recent years Vibe Tribe has brought more of an electro edge into his sound and has collaborated with acts such as Spade and Bizarre Contact.  His work with Bizarre Contact led to the creation of Bizarre Tribe with Bizarre Contact’s Didy Ezra.

Though not quite on the same scale as Sesto Senso or Astrix, Stas Marnyanski nonetheless has a dedicated and sizeable global following with a production style that often blurs the boundaries between Hard Trance and Psy-Trance.  Though he hasn’t released an album since 2009 he remains active both as a producer and as a DJ.

Krzysztof Pretkiewicz was born in Poznan, Poland in 1984 and as a youngster was influenced by artists including Depeche Mode, Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre.