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Slam is a Scottish Techno DJ and Production duo consisting of Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle.  Slam have long established themselves as an innovative and prolific force in Techno music and have countless classic tracks to their name.  The pair also run the influential label Soma Quality Recordings.

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Slam timeline


‘Positive Education’ (Soma Quality Recordings 1993)
(Soma Quality Recordings 1996)

Early Years: 1991 to 1999

1991 was year zero for pioneering Techno work of Glaswegian duo Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle.  It was the year in which they set up the label Soma Quality Recordings which went on to become one of Techno’s more influential labels. 

1991 was also the year that McMillan and Meikle released ‘Eterna’, their first track under the name Slam.  They had taken their name from the track ‘Slam’ by Chicago Acid House pioneers Phuture.

Slam’s breakthrough came just two years later with the timeless track ‘Positive Education’ (Soma Quality Recordings 1993).  ‘Positive Education’ wears its Detroit Techno influences on its sleeves, combining syncopated hi-hats, squelching acid and Derrick May-esque strings to full effect.

Slam released their first studio album in 1996: ‘Headstates’ (Soma Quality Recordings 1996)

‘This World’ (Soma Quality Recordings 2004)
‘Alien Radios’ (Soma Quality Recordings 2001)
Residency @ Pressure @ The Arches, Glasgow

Early Years: 2000 to present

Throughout the 1990’s Slam had established themselves as a key part of the Techno landscape and their momentum carried on into the 2000’s with the continued support of top Techno DJs such as Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin.

In addition to their production work, throughout the 2000’s Slam have continued to be in demand as DJ’s, playing at venues and events such as Timewarp, Space in Ibiza, T In the Park in Glasgow, Womb in Tokyo and Sven Vath’s Cocoon in Berlin. 

In addition Slam have held a 13 year residency at Pressure @ the Arches in Glasgow.

In 2008 Slam launched Paragraph, a sub-label of Soma to release Slam tracks with a harder club edge, enabling them to pursue a more diverse music policy on Soma.

Slam’s 20 year-long Techno legacy stands out from the pack.  Over the years they have been responsible for many pivotal Techno tracks, both as producers and as record label bosses.  Although no longer quite at the top of the Techno pile, to still be so active and relevant 20 years on is testament to Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle’s abilities and influence.