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00.db is the alias of the Psy-Trance production project of John ‘00’ Fleming and Ricky Smith AKA The Digital Blonde.  The pair are long term production partners and first released as 00.db in 2006.  They have released two studio albums and perform live together.  They release their singles and albums on Fleming’s JOOF label.

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'Lost In Emotion'
React 1999)
'Reactivate 14'
(React 1999)
Residency @
Sunny Side Up

Early Years: 2006 to present

John ‘00’ Fleming and Ricky Smith’s relationship dates back to the late nineties.  From an early stage Fleming championed Digital Blonde tracks and remixes in his DJ sets and mix compilations.  Fleming first featured a Digital Blonde remix on ‘Reactivate 14’ (React 1999).The pair of like-minded musical spirits released their first collaboration in 2001 with the track ‘Sutra’ which appeared on the B Side of The Digital Blonde’s single ‘Legato’ (Joof Recordings 2001). 

In 2004 Fleming and Smith decided to embark on a long-term production project together.  Fleming turned to fans on his website’s forum to decide upon a name for the project.  The result was 00.db, with the ‘00’ from John ‘00’ Fleming and db referring to Digital Blonde, as well of course as being the label for zero volume on the decibel scale. 

By 2007 Fleming and Smith were beginning to release their collaborations under the long-winded label of John '00' Fleming & The Digital Blonde Presents ... 0.0db.  By 2009 the name had been shortened to 00.db in time for the release of their debut album ‘Heaven & Hell’ (Joof Recordings 2009).   00.db did a number of live performances to help promote the album including playing at the Sunburn festival in Goa, India.

Despite being an unfashionable blend of Psy-Trance and chill out ‘Heaven & Hell’ proved to a major success, breaking into the main UK top 40 national charts.  The same year the duo released their rework of Jean Michelle Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ (Joof Recordings 2009).  The following year they released the follow up 00.db album ‘Angels & Demons’ (Joof Recordings 2010).

00.db have managed to pull off what few ‘underground’ acts manage to do: to remain true to their underground credentials and break through to the mainstream.  Both Fleming and Smith have always shied away from the commercial mainstream but also occupied the pacier end of trance.  In their early days they produced hard progressive so it was only natural that they would end up as champions of Psy-Trance, the successor genre of hard, underground progressive trance.