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Wizzy Sound

Wizzy Sound was the production and performance alias of Greek Psy-Trance DJs and producers Dimitris Pantelides and Mickey Noise. In their 10 years together the duo released seven studio albums and countless singles and remixes.

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'Punk City'
(Harmonia Records 2005)
'Elecktro Theater'
(Candyflip Records 2003)
Space Festival,

Early Years: 1999 to 2009

Dimitris Pantelides and Mickey Noise first discovered trance in 1994 and were subsequently enchanted by Goa Trance the following year.  After a number of years working on ideas together they finally started producing as Wizzy Noise in 1999 with their first track to be licensed to a compilation: ‘Twisted Love’.

The debut Wizzy Noise studio album quickly followed ‘Cybermancy’ (Zillion Mental Anarchie Records 2000).  The album showcased Wizzy Noise’s often subtle and sophisticated take on the progressive end of Psy-Trance.

Wizzy Noise went onto release a studio album every year until 2008.  As their profile as producers rose they found themselves increasingly in demand as DJs also, performing at major events across the globe, including the Arvika festival in Sweden, XXXperience special edition in Brazil, the Sonica Festival in Italy and the SOS Festival in Japan.

Wizzy Noise’s most successful release was ‘Punk City’ (Harmonia Records 2005).

Following a decade of releases together Dimitris Pantelides and Mickey Noise called Wizzy Noise a day in 2009 and focused on their respective solo projects.

In their time Wizzy Noise were a well respected, if relatively low key, act in the Psy-Trance scene.  Their sophisticated and subtle productions and remixes straddled the Progressive Trance Psy-Trance genres, but their very subtleness had the effect of estranging them from the momentum of Psy-Trance as the main momentum of the scene pivoted around the much harder and up-front sound of Full On.

Dimitris Pantelides and Mickey Noise met in a party in Athens and they started producing together whilst Mickey Noise was serving his military service in Thessaloniki.