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Shulman is an Israeli ambient Psychedelic group featuring Yaniv Shulman and Omri Harpaz.  The pair have released four studio albums and have had numerous tracks licensed to ambient compilation albums.

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'Mia Nihta Mono Den Ftani' (Aleph Zero Records 2007)
'In Search Of A Meaningful Moment' (Aleph Zero Records 2003)
Taz Festival,
Israel 2007

Early Years: 2002 to present

Yaniv Shulman started producing as Shulman in 2002 with a number of individual tracks that were licensed to compilation albums before the release of his debut studio album ‘Soundscapes And Modern Tales’ (Shaffel Records 2002).  Yaniv was later joined by Omri Harpaz and a second studio album came in 2003:  ‘In Search Of A Meaningful Moment’ (Aleph Zero Records 2003). 

Since 2003 all Shulman releases have been issued on Aleph Zero Records, the ambient / downbeat label which Yaniv Shulman runs with Shahar Bar-Itzhak (aka DJ Shahar).

In Search Of A Meaningful Moment’ was the album that really brought the duo to attention and included successful tracks such as ‘The Unexpected Visitor’ and ‘Mushroom Therapy’.

By the release of Shulman’s fourth, and to date most recent, studio album in 2007 Shulman had established a burgeoning reputation in the ambient / Psybient scene in their native Israel, playing at local events such as the Taz Festival.  They were also becoming increasingly in demand at festivals across the globe.

The album - ‘Endless Rhythms Of The Beatless Heart’ (Aleph Zero Records 2007) – included the duo’s most successful track to date: ‘Mia Nihta Mono Den Ftani’ (Aleph Zero Records 2007).

The pair haven’t released any tracks since 2008.

Shulman have built a solid reputation in the ambient Psychedelic scene, particularly in their native Israel, based upon sophisticated melodies and complex arrangements.

Yaniv Shulman and Omri Harpaz are both from Israel.  Shulman also co-runs Aleph Zero Records.