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Jochen Miller

Jochen Miller is a Dutch trance music producer and DJ.  Best known for high tempo tech trance releases such as ‘Lost Connection’ in more recent years his style has become lower tempo and more progressive.

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Jochen Miller timeline
'Lost Connection' (High Contrast Recordings 2008)
'Stay Connected.002'
(High Contrast Recordings 2010)
Sunrise Festival

Early Years: 2003 to present

Jochen Miller first started DJing and producing under the alias DJ Jochen and won the Dutch Mixing Championship at the Dance Valley festival, where he impressed with his three deck mixing.

Miller started out at the harder end of uplifting trance and had first release in 2001 with ‘Turn Away’ on Zzap Recordings.  Within a couple of years Miller evolved his style towards the less melodic but still toughed edged sound of Tech-Trance, at the same dropping his DJ Jochen moniker in favour of Jochen Miller.  This shift soon saw him signed to that bastion of Tech-Trance High Contrast Recordings, alongside big names in Tech-Trance such as Marcel Woods. 

His first release for High Contrast was ‘India’ in 2005 but his breakthrough track came three years later with ‘Lost Connection’ (High Contrast) in 2008. The pounding rhythm and pulsating electro lead line gained strong support from Armin van Buuren and pushed Miller into the trance main stage after years on the side-lines and close to a dozen releases already to his name.

Miller has collaborated extensively with label mates at High Contrast including Artento Divini and Rank 1’s Benno De Goeij.

In later years Miller has moved towards a more progressive and lower tempo sound as seen with releases such as the atmospheric trance of ‘The Great Escape’ (High Contrast Recordings 2010) – co-produced with Rank 1 - and the big room electro trance of ‘Classified (Energy 2011 soundtrack)’ (High Contrast Recordings 2011).

After a slow start Jochen Miller’s production career got kick started in 2008 with the Tech-Trance anthem ‘Lost Connection’  Since then Miller has broadened his sound to incorporate less full-on, more progressive influences.  Though never part of the very top tier of trance DJs and producers he retains their support and benefits from their influence.

Jochen Miller’s owned a disco which gave the young Miller the opportunity to practice mixing frequently.