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Giuseppe Ottaviani

Giuseppe Ottaviani is an Italian trance producer and DJ.   Ottaviani started off as half of Nu NRG releasing a number of high octane trance anthems before pursuing a solo career focused more on the mainstream and commercial ends of the trance spectrum.  Ottaviani is signed to Paul van Dyk’s Vandit Records.

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Giuseppe Ottaviani timeline
(Vandit Records 2002)
(Vandit Records 2004)
Love Parade,
Berlin 2002

Early Years: 2000 to 2004

Giuseppe Ottaviani started DJ-ing in 1995 but his production career didn’t start until he met fellow Italian Andrea Ribeca.  By this stage both were trance DJs but Ribeca had come to trance via scratch DJ-ing and then techno.

The pair formed the act Nu NRG and within a year had released their first single: ‘Energyzer E.P.’ (Synthetic 2000).  The duo’s breakthrough track came one year later in the shape of ‘Dreamland’ (Vandit Records 2001).  Signed to Paul van Dyk’s Vandit label the German trance supremo also featured the track on his mix compilation ‘The Politics Of Dancing’ (Ministry Of Sound 2001).  ‘Dreamland’ was typical of Nu NRG’s high octane style, featuring a driving but uplifting lead-line and bubbling acid bass.

Nu NRG released a dozen singles between 2000 and 2005 and a studio album in 2004 ‘Freefall’ (Vandit Records 2004).  They also took the act on the road performing live sets that included many unreleased tracks written especially for their live shows.

(Vandit Digital 2010)
(Vandit Records 2009)
Cream @ Amnesia, Ibiza 2007

Later Years: 2005 to present

Ottaviani and Ribeca retired the Nu NRG production alias in 2005 to focus on their respective solo careers, although a posthumous studio album was released in 2007 on Monster Tunes featuring previously unreleased material: ‘Most Wanted’ (Monster Tunes 2007).

Ottaviani’s first solo release - ‘Linking People’ (Vandit Records 2005) – was more squarely mainstream trance than Nu NRG releases had been.  Ottaviani’s first big solo success came the following year with the epic melodic trancer ‘Through Your Eyes’ (Vandit Records 2006).  Still signed to van Dyk’s Vandit Records label and continuing to enjoy the German DJ’s enthusiastic support, Ottaviani’s solo career profile grew steadily over the following years.

Ottaviani released a steady flow of singles throughout the late noughties including collaborations  with various trance producers including van Dyk and John O’Callaghan.  He also continued to perform live acts as he did as part of Nu NRG, including gigs at Cream at Amnesia in Ibiza.   In 2009 he released his first solo album ‘GO!’ (Vandit Records 2009)

Ottaviani’s two biggest releases to date have been the vocal trance track ‘No More Alone’ (Vandit Records 2008) featuring Stephen Pickup on vocals and the chill out vocal trance track ‘Angel’ (Vandit Digital 2010) featuring Italian singer Faith (real name Frederica Sciamanna).

As half of Nu NRG Giuseppe Ottaviani was responsible for some key high energy trance tracks of the early noughties.  In his solo career he has moved firmly towards the mainstream and built a solid profile as one of the more recognized producers in mainstream trance.

Giuseppe Ottaviani started learning to play the piano aged just seven years old.