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Mat Zo

Absolute is a production alias of Belgian trance producer and DJ Mike Dierickx.  As with Dierickx’ Plastic Boy alias, Absolute focused on a more progressive sound than some of Dierickx’s better known work as Push.  Absolute combined electro-trance sounds and an epic feel that precipitated the rise of electro-trance.

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'Dolphin Cry''
(A State Of Trance 2008)
(Armada Digital 2008)

Early Years: 2000 to 2008

Mike Dierickx first release under the alias Absolute was in 2000 with ‘Stereosex’ (Tripomatic Records 2000).  The next Absolute track didn’t come for another four years until the release of ‘New Horizon’ (A State Of Trance 2004).  ‘New Horizon’ signalled the start of a few years of Asbolute releases, just as Dierickx was beginning to wind down his better known and more mainstream Push alias. 

Whilst Push was better known for big trance anthems Dierickx used Absolute to focus on progressive releases more in line with his Plastic Boy alias.  Unlike Plastic Boy tracks though, Absolute combined an epic feel with electro sounds. 

In 2008 Dierickx released the only Absolute album to date ‘Horizons’ (Armada Digital 2008).

Throughout the rest of 2008 Dierickx started to add more edge and drive to Absolute productions including the last and most successful Absolute release ‘Dolphin's Cry’ (A State Of Trance 2008).  By this stage the sound had become more mainstream and with the rise of the electro-trance sound no longer stood out from the crowd as much as earlier Absolute releases.  It was a fitting stage for Dierickx to put Absolute on hold and no more releases have followed.

Absolute is one of Mike Dierickx’s least known aliases with a large number of releases to its name. As with Plastic Boy, Absolute enabled Dierickx to explore sounds which were still firmly trance and highly melodic but more progressive and less mainstream.  His early use of electro sounds predated the rise of the electro-trance movement.  Though Absolute won critical acclaim and the regular support of DJs such as Armin van Buuren it never enjoyed widespread popular success.

Mike Dierickx officially changed his name from Dirk Dierickx to Mike Dierickx in 2000.