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Vibrasphere was the Progressive Trance and Ambient production alias of Swedish DJs and Producers Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster.  The Vibrasphere project started out in 1998 as a Psy-Trance act but evolved into Progressive Trance and then Ambient. Vibrasphere stopped producing in 2010 and performing in 2011.

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'Floating Free'
(Tribal Vision 2007)
'Exploring The Tributaries'
(Cloud 99 Music 2007)
Tomorrow Land,
Belgium 2010

Early Years: 1998 to 2011

Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster started the Vibrapshere project in 1998. Berglöf had already established himself as a producer as part of the Goa Trance act Subcouds. 

In its early days the Vibrasphere project was focused on Psy-Trance, as seen in the Goa trance track ‘The Open Sphere’ (Psychic Deli 1999).  Vibrasphere’s first album followed a year later on Swedish Psy-Trance label Spiral Trax: ‘Echo’ (Spiral Trax 2000).  By this stage Vibrasphere were beginning to perform regularly at Psy-Trance and Progressive Trance events across Europe.

The follow up album, ‘Lime Structure’ (Digital Structures 2003) saw Vibrasphere start to plot a musical path more on the progressive side of trance with a strong focus on delicate melodies.  Over their musical career this evolved into the duo producing Ambient and Downtempo productions such as ‘Manzanilla’ (Digital Structures 2003).  In ‘Manzanilla’ Vibrasphere’s Progressive Trance roots are clear, but they are conveyed in the structure of down tempo break-beats and ambient soundscapes. 

In 2006 Berglöf and Elster launched their own record label Cloud 99 Music.

Although Vibrasphere continued to play Progressive Trance when they played live, their production output became ever more focused on Down Tempo, as was seen in the release of their musically diverse 2007 album ‘Exploring The Tributaries’ (Cloud 99 Music 2007).

Even at this stage though Vibrasphere managed to balance their Ambient and Progressive profiles as illustrated by their track ‘Floating Free’ (Tribal Vision 2007). The original Ambient mix was one of their most popular releases yet a full set of remixes (10 in total) ensured it reached diverse audiences, including being played on Dutch Trance DJ heavyweight Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance radio show.

In 2009 Vibrasphere released their last album ‘Selected Downbeats Vol. 2’ (Cloud 99 Music 2009).

In 2010 Berglöf and Elster announced that they were bringing the Vibrasphere project to a close and that they would continue to perform throughout the first half of 2011.  Both are now pursuing solo careers.

Over the course of a decade Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster successfully evolved the sound of their Vibrasphere project from Goa Trance through to Ambient, via Progressive Trance.  Throughout this process they stuck true to their focus on melody and consequently there is a strong degree of consistency of feel despite the diversity of genres.

Rickard Berglöf and Robert Elster originally met through one of Berglöf’s cousins.