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Trentemøller is a Danish DJ, producer and musician.  Trentemøller originally built a reputation for dark techno influenced minimal house.  Always willing to experiment though his releases have also encompassed chill out and jazz house.  Most recently Trentemøller has been touring with a live band and releasing tracks with a strong indie rock influence.

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Trentemøller timeline
'Miss You'(Audiomatique Recordings 2008)
The Last Resort
(Poker Flat Recordings 2006)
Roskilde Festival 2009,

Early Years: 2000 to present

Hailing from Vordingborg in the Zealand region of Denmark Trentemøller first came to prominence in a live-house duo with DH T.O.M. called Trigbag during the late nineties.  The band split in 2000 after some success touring and with a single, ‘Showtime’."

His first solo release was in 2003 with ‘The Trentemøller EP’ on Naked Music. ‘Le Champagne’, the standout track was an upbeat tech house track that gave little indication of the darker minimal sound he was to become renowned for.  Subsequent releases ‘Beta Boy’ and ‘Physical Fraction’ see an experimentation with electro influences. But by 2005 he was releasing tracks such as ‘Kink’ and ‘Serenetti’ in 2005 that showcased his distinctive dark techno influenced minimal house sound.

2006 was a key year for Trentemøller, including recording a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix (which was then voted the best of the year by listeners) and the release of his debut studio album ‘The Last Resort’.  The ‘Last Resort’ saw Trentemøller showcase his techno influenced, dark sound and included the singles ‘Always Something’ (a moody electro tinged track featuring the vocals of Richard Davis) and the landmark track ‘Moan’ featuring the haunting vocals of Danish singer Ane Trolle.  The album also incorporated much live instrumentation as seen on the guitars and live drums on the echo-soaked ‘Take Me Into Your Skin’, sounding at times like a homage to Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’.

By now Trentemøller’s reputation was established and his remixing skills had become in demand, as illustrated by remixes for the likes Röyksopp, Moby and the Pet Shop Boys.

In 2007 Trentemøller took ‘Last Resort’ on a global tour with a live band, taking in events such as Melt in Germany and Glastonbury in the UK.  The live band touring experience was to have major impact on Trentemøller’s musical direction.  He had already proven his creative diversity,  from the jazz house of ‘An Evening With Bobi Bro’, through the chilled Balearic house grooves of ‘Liquid Dreams’ to the haunting beat-less instrumental ‘Miss You’.  But his second studio album ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ in 2010 saw a much heavier reliance on live instrumentation, often sounding more like an indie rock album than that of an electronic artist. Tracks such as ‘Sycamore Feeling’ feature no electronic programming or sequencing, but instead a full live band, drenched in echo and sounding again a lot like Mazzy Star.

In 2008 Trentemøller composed the soundtrack for a Danish film called ‘Det Som Ingen Ved’ (What No One Knows).

Trentemøller has achieved critical and popular success without ever seeking out the mainstream.  His dark techno influenced minimal sound helped shape the evolving minimal sound championed by the likes of Nic Fanciulli and Dubfire but as that scene began to peak he moved in a different musical direction.  Trentemøller’s reinvention and experimentation ensure that he will continue to stand out from the crowd and command a loyal following.