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Sven Väth

Sven Väth is a German Techno DJ and producer. In career that spans four decades Väth has established himself as one of the leading figures in European Techno.  Väth has also been hugely influential as a record label boss, helping found three of European dance music’s key record labels.

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 Sven Väth timeline


‘Dein Schweiss’             
(Virgin 1999)
(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH 1998)

Early Years: 1985 to 1999

Sven Väth started out DJ-ing aged just 18 at the Dorian Gray club.  His earliest experiences as a recording artist were as part of German Electro Pop Trio Off (Organization For Fun).  Off went on to record 2 albums and 10 singles before the members went off to pursue their separate careers (fellow members Luca Anzilotti and Michael Münzing went onto become the producers behind Snap!).

In 1990 Väth set up Eye Q Records which would go on to become established as an influential Trance and Techno label before closing in 1997 due to financial problems with its US division.  In 1991 Väth helped set up the legendary Eye Q Trance sub-label Harthouse which became home to acts such as Der Dritte Raum, Hardfloor and Oliver Leib.

Väth’s first post-Off release was as part of Barbarella with the single ‘My Name Is Barbarella’ (Eye Q Records 1992), a spaced out mix of Trance and Techno.

Väth soon evolved his sound away from his early Electro and then Trance productions and throughout the 1990’s Väth continued to develop his own uniquely European take on Techno.  He also earned a reputation for hard partying and marathon DJ sets (sometimes as long as 14 hours). 
By the late 1990’s Väth was evolving his sound again, adding an electro edge to his style as seen in the track  ‘Dein Schweiss’ (Virgin 1999).

(Datapunk 2006)
(Virgin Schallplatten GmbH 2002)

Later Years: 2000 to present

In 2000 Väth started running a new club night at Ibiza called Cocoon, with a Tech-House and Minimal Techno music policy.  Since 2000 Väth has released every year a Cocoon album of one of his mixes from the behind the decks in Ibiza, the first of these albums was ‘In The Mix: The Sound Of The First Season’   (Cocoon Recordings 2000).   

In 2002 Väth extended the Cocoon brand by setting up a new Techno record label called Cocoon Recordings, with a musical focus on Tech-House and Minimal Techno. 

In 2010 Väth released ‘Sound Of The Eleventh Season’ (Cocoon Recordings 2010).

Sven Väth is a musical chameleon, with his career encompassing Pop, Electro, Trance, House and Techno.  His influence on European Techno cannot be exaggerated, not just because of his prolific creative output but also due to having founded three of dance music’s most influential record labels.  Väth’s unashamed party attitude continues to win him new generations of fans more than 25 years since the start of his career.