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Super8 & TabSuper8 & Tab are a Finnish trance production and DJ duo.  Producing together since 2005 and signed to Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeats, Super8 & Tab have built a reputation for high quality and innovative mainstream trance.  They released their debut original artist album ‘Empire’ in 2010.
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'Black Is The New Yellow'
(Anjunabeats 2010)
(Anjunabeats 2010) )

Early Years: 2005 to present

Super8 and Tab is the recording and DJ alias of Finnish duo Miika Eloranta (Super8) and Janne Mansnerus (DJ Tab). Originally solo recording artists they started producing together in 2005 having met from producing in the same recording complex in Helsinki. Soon after teaming up they released their first joint single on Above and Beyond’s Anjunabeats label: ‘First Aid’ (Anjunabeats 2005).  Their breakthrough track though came the second year with the driving electro trance track ‘Helsinki Scorchin'’ (Anjunabeats 2006).

Super8 and Tab were soon rewarded for their early success by Above and Beyond with an Anjunabeats mix compilation release ‘Anjunabeats Worldwide 01’ (Anjunabeats 2006) which they mixed alongside Smith and Pledger’s Mark Pledger.

Super8 and Tab’s electro-tinged and edgy-but-supremely-melodic take on trance helped make them both stand out of the crowd and sit well with other similarly inclined Anjunabeats artists such as Nitrous Oxide and Above and Beyond’s own Oceanlab alias.  Their growing success as producers was mirrored by their growing demand as DJs, including sets at clubs including Passion, Godskitchen and The Gallery.

Super8 and Tab continued to issue a steady if modest quantity of releases over the coming years including the epic ‘Suru’ (Anjunabeats 2007).  But it wasn’t until 2010 that the duo really started to make waves.  The steady flow of high quality releases had seen Super8 and Tab become established as the one of the bestselling artists on Anjunabeats, second only to Above and Beyond themselves.  

But the key event was the release of their debut original artist album ‘Empire’ (Anjunabeats 2010).  Though the album contained much of the melodic vocal trance the pair had built their reputations upon, it was also diverse enough to incorporate more down tempo numbers.  ‘Empire’ received rave reviews and spawned a number of singles including the electro pop title track ‘Empire’ (Anjunabeats 2010), featuring Jan Burton on vocals.  The most successful track from the album though was the peak time trance anthem ‘Black Is The New Yellow’ (Anjunabeats 2010), produced in collaboration with fellow Finn Anton Sonin. They finished 2010 at number 60 in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs poll.

Super8 & Tab have rightly earned a reputation for high quality vocal trance.  Though firmly in the mainstream of the trance genre they continue to innovate. The approach has gained them critical acclaim and fan support alike and looks set to provide the foundation for long term success.

Super8 & Tab met whilst using different studios as solo artists in a recording studio complex in Helsinki.