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Solar Fields

Solar Fields is the Ambient production alias for Swedish DJ, producer and performer Magnus Birgersson.  The Solar Fields sound spread across much of the Ambient spectrum and even touches upon Psy-Trance.  Birgersson has released nine Solar Fields studio albums. 

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'Leaving Home'
(Ultimae Records 2005)
(Ultimae Records 2009)
Les Dominicains

Early Years: 2001 to present

Magnus Birgersson started the Solar Fields project in the late nineties but didn’t release his first album until 2001 with ‘Reflective Frequencies’ (Ultimae Records 2001). In ‘Reflective Frequencies’ and the stream of albums which have followed, Birgersson has built a reputation for flowing, trance-influenced gentle melodies, often accompanied by chilled break-beats.

Although most Solar Fields music is Ambient and Downtempo Birgersson has at times experimented with other styles such as the slow Psy-Trance trance Solar Fields ‘Cruise’ (Ultimae Records 2007) taken from the album ‘EarthShine’ (Ultimae Records 2007).

Over the years Birgersson has shown an enthusiasm for taking his music beyond the confines of audio alone and has collaborated with several art galleries and museums, including a sound installation to the work of  artist Antonio Sognasoldi at Trabekel (Sandviken) in 2004.

In 2009 Birgersson scored the soundtrack to the console game ‘Mirror’s Edge’ and released the music as the album ‘Mirror's Edge Original Videogame Score’ (E.A.R.S. (EA™ Recordings) 2009).

In addition to the Solar Fields project Birgersson has released three albums with Aes Dana under the name H.U.V.A. Network.

The most recent Solar Fields album was ‘Altered - Second Movements’ (Ultimae Records 2010).

Over the space of a decade Magnus Birgersson has created a deep catalogue of Solar Fields releases that in turn have established him a solid reputation in Ambient circles.  His music is typically less towards the experimental end of the Ambient spectrum and instead more focused on melody and harmony.

Magnus Birgersson has played piano since he was a child and as a teenager played numerous instruments in various bands.  Birgersson plays the Veena, sitar, drums and guitar.