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Sied van Riel

Sied van Riel is a Dutch progressive trance DJ and producer.  Since his first single in 2006 he has built a reputation for blending elements of progressive trance and Tech-Trance in successful tracks such as ‘Rush’ and ‘MME’.  Van Riel hosts a  bi-weekly radio show called Rielistic.

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Sied van Riel  timeline
(Black Hole Recordings 2008)
'In Riel Time'
(Liquid Recordings 2009)
Trance Energy

Early Years: 2006 to present

Sied van Riel’s first release was ‘Fearless’ (Subtraxx Digital  2006), a brooding progressive trance track with haunting arpeggios and spacey pads.   His follow up ‘My Dreams’ (Expedition Music 2006) was picked up and championed by German trance heavyweight Paul van Dyk bringing immediate exposure to the newly started trance producer.

The following year van Riel was signed to Dutch trance label Spinnin’ Records where he went on to release a number of singles.  His breakthrough came on Tiësto’s Black Hole Records with the single ‘Rush’ in 2008.  More driving and upfront than ‘Fearless’, ‘Rush’ was the peak time main floor track that put van Riel on the trance map.

Over subsequent years van Riel developed a tougher, techier edge to his sound.  Tracks like ‘MME’ (Liquid Recordings 2009) and his collaboration with Radion 6 ‘Radiator’ (Oxygen Recordings 2010) have a tough Tech-Trance influenced rhythm underpinning big lead lines and pads.  
Sied van Riel’s growing profile as a producer was mirrored on the DJing front with gigs at major events such as Trance Energy, Godskitchen, Amsterdam Dance Event, Gatecrasher, Cream at Amnesia.

In 2008 he launched a biweekly radio show, Rielalistic Sessions and the following year he released his first mix album ‘In Riel Time Vol.1’ (Liquid Recordings 2009).  2011 saw the release of the lower tempo progressive vocal trance track ‘Stealing Time’ (Liquid Recordings 2011) featuring Nicole McKenna on vocals.

Sied van Riel is a mid-level trance DJ and producer who has a solid catalogue of successful releases to his name. He has established a reputation for melodic progressive trance with a tougher Tech-Trance edge.