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Sesto Senso

Sesto Senso is an Israeli Psy Trance / Full On production trio. Part of the first wave of the Full On movement, along with compatriot Astrix, Sesto Senso brought an original approach to arrangement and production that helped establish them as a major Psy-Trance act.  The trio have released six studio albums to date, one of which went gold.

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(Com.Pact Records 2006) )
'The Inner Light'
(Com.Pact Records 2002)
New Years Eve 2010
Rio, Brazil

Early Years: 2002 to present

Sesto Senso is the Full On / Psy-Trance production alias of Matan Kadosh, Itai Spector and Aviram Saharai.  Part of the first wave of Full On along with Astrix, Sesto Senso’s first release was the album ‘The Inner Light’ (Com.Pact Records 2002). 

The Inner Light’ included the track ‘Follow Me’ (Com.Pact Records 2002) which showcased Sesto Senso’s slightly left-field approach to Psy-Trance.  Though still very much at the harder, driving end of Psy-Trance – as you would expect with Full On – the track stops and starts repeatedly, jumping from one bit of arrangement to another, dropping unusual samples in unexpected places.  The effect is to keep the listener on her feet and is an approach which Sesto Senso have developed further throughout their production career.

Sesto Senso released their second studio album in 2003 ‘The Bright Side’ (Com.Pact Records 2003) with the trio’s career in the ascendancy.  They took their live act around the globe featuring live vocals, guitar and synths. 

By the time of their fifth studio album ‘Key To The Universe’ (Com.Pact Records 2008) their established status was clear, as shown by the album featuring a remix of Moby’s ‘Lift Me Up’.  Numerous other top tier artists have opted for Sesto Senso’s distinctive Psy-Trance touch for remixes of their tracks including Daft Punk, The Police, Fatboy Slim, Depeche Mode and Faithless.

After 2008 Senso Sesto’s recording output stopped but a new EP entitled ‘ET Phone Home’ is slated for a 2011 release.

Senso Sesto were part of the first wave of the Israeli-dominated Full On Psy-Trance movement.With a slightly lighter sound than Astrix and a quirky approach to arrangement, Senso Sesto established themselves as key members of the Psy-Trance fraternity in the mid noughties.  In later years however, they have been largely inactive in terms of recorded work.

All three Sesto Senso members Matan Kadosh, Itai Spector and Aviram Saharai come from Afula in northern Israel.