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Sebastien Drums

Sebastien Drums is a French house DJ and producer.  Producing since 2005 he has scored a number of dance hits collaborating with his extensive network of house music contacts.  He runs his own record label Work Machine.

Sebastien Drums scales of success
Sebastien Drums timeline
'My Feelings For You'
(Vicious Recordings 2010)
2006 to 2008
residency at Palas

Early Years: 2008 to present

Sebastien Drums started out as a DJ in the mid noughties and from 2006 to 2008 was a resident at the Palas club where he Djed alongside big acts and future big acts such as Benny Benassi, Steve Agnello, and Axwell (the latter two of which became two thirds of the Swedish House Mafia). 

In 2007 he set up his own record label Work Machine which went on to issue over a dozen releases for artists such as Benedetto & Farina and Thomas Gold.

Sebastien Drums’ earlier releases such as ‘What Is House’ (Clubbing Capital 2005) and ‘Killer Machine’ (Academy Records 2006) were pounding, electro house tracks with a strong late 1990’s feel.  Neither really stood out from the pack in the way that some his later releases would. 

‘Funky Beep’ (Spinnin' Records 2009) with Tom Geiss & Eric G was the first of Sebastien Drums’ tracks that got widespread exposure and its minimal American house sound helped make it a hit at the Miami Winter Music Conference that year, supported by DJs such as Sebastien Ingrosso and Chris Lake.

The real breakthrough though came the next year with a collaboration with Swedish house producer Avicii.  The track, ‘My Feeling For You’ (Vicious Recordings 2010) features a vocal sampled from an original track by French electro house act Cassius, one of Sebastien Drums’ self professed influences. ‘My Feeling For You’ is a huge upfront house track that combines disco guitars, a pounding house rhythm and a big electro bass. 

Later the same year he followed it with a driving progressive house track ‘Tweet It’, a collaboration with Tim Berg (another alias for Avicii) and fellow French producer Norman Doray.

Sebastien Drums has built his career at a steady pace since the mid noughties and has built a solid network of rising house stars with whom he has collaborated.  These collaborations have brought him his greatest success, most notably the smash ‘My Feeling For You’ with Avicii.

Sebastien Drums has been a fan of electronic music since he was 11 and was heavily influenced by French producers such as Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar and Thomas Bangalter.