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Oliver Huntemann

Oliver Huntemann is a German DJ and Producer.  Originally one third of early German Trance act Humate, Huntemann reinvented himself in the 2000’s as a Minimal Techno artist.  His profile was raised with a number of collaborations with ex-Deep Dish producer Dubfire.

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Oliver Huntemann timeline


‘Love Stimulation’
(MFS 1993)
‘Stammheim Presents HEIMfidelity 2’ (Confused Recordings 1998)

Early Years: 1992 to 1999

Oliver Huntemann’s involvement in dance music started in the late 1980’s organizing Acid House events in his home town Oldenburg.  It was during this period that he met a young DJ called Gerret Frerichs. 

The pair started working on productions together along with Hans-Georg Schmidt.  By 1992 the trio were releasing  as Humate and the following year released one of Trance music’s landmark tracks, ‘Love Stimulation’ (MFS 1993).   ‘Love Stimulation’s cascading pianos and running bass line became an instant club smash and the Paul van Dyk remix took the track to the masses.

After such an immense start to their recording careers, it is understandable that Humate never really managed to hit the peak of ‘Love Simulation’ again and Huntemann eventually left the group. 

In 1995 he set up his Confused Recordings record label.

(Ideal Audio 2008)
(Ideal Audio 2009)

Early Years: 2000 to present

After slipping into relative obscurity in the late 1990’s Huntemann began to reinvent himself in the  as a Minimal Techno producer.  The first landmark in Huntemann’s path back was his 2004 studio album ‘Too Many Presents For One Girl’ (Confused Recordings 2004).

But the platform that really restarted his career was collaborating with Dubfire who himself was busy reinventing himself as a ‘serious’ Minimal producer following his time as half of Deep Dish.   Their first track – ‘Dios’ (Ideal Audio 2008) – perfectly captured the feel of the Minimal Renaissance.

Over recent years Huntemann has established himself as a key figure in the German Minimal Techno scene, producing regularly and also releasing a steady stream of mix albums, including his ‘Play!’ series, the most recent of which was ‘Play! 03 [Live] Cielo / New York’ (Ideal Audio 2010).

As one third of Oliver Huntemann helped create one of the landmark releases in the history of Trance – ‘Humate’.  That he has successfully reinvented himself in a different dance genre and still be relevant so many years on is testament to his capabilities.

Oliver Huntemann trained as an electronic engineer in the German navy.