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Luke Slater

Luke Slater is a British Techno DJ and producer.  Slater is one of the key figures in the UK Techno scene and helped shape a very British take on Hard Techno.  Slater DJs regularly around the world and is also an in-demand remixer.

Luke Slater scales of success
Luke Slater timeline


'The Drone Sector'
(Peacefrog Records 1998)
(NovaMute 1999)

Early Years: 1989 to 1999

Luke Slater was involved in the UK dance music scene from its earliest days.  By 1988 he was DJing on the Acid House scene including at London’s legendary Heaven – home at the time to events such as Paul Oakenfold’s ‘Spectrum’.

While the UK’s emerging dance music scene shifted focus towards Rave culture Slater instead stuck true to the sounds of Detroit Techno and within a few years had become one of the leading UK proponents of Techno alongside the likes of Colin Dale and Carl Cox.

Slater released his first single ‘Momentary Vision’ in 1989 as a white label.  Over the following years Slater established a prolific level of creative output under a number of guises, the most influential of which was Planetary Assault Systems. Slater used the Planetary Assault Systems moniker to champion a Hard Techno sound that was pounding, high paced, edgy and dirty, as typified by his seminal 1998 track ‘The Drone Sector’ (Peacefrog Records 1998).

'Stars And Heroes'
(Mute 2002)
'Alright On Top'
(Mute 2002)

Later Years: 2000 to present

Luke Slater’s music direction fluctuated in the 2000’s.  His 2001 mix compilation ‘Fear And Loathing’ (React 2001) showcased the Hard Techno sound which Slater was becoming increasingly renowned for.

But then in 2000 he released the album ‘Alright On Top’ (Mute 2002) which saw an accessible Electro sound with radio-friendly vocals.  The albums and singles such as ‘Stars And Heroes’ (Mute 2002) were widely interpreted as Slater’s attempt to break through to the mainstream.

However Slater hadn’t by any means abandoned his Hard Techno roots, as illustrated by the 2008 Planetary Assault Systems single ‘Mod’ (Figure 2008).

Luke Slater is one of the most creative exponents of Techno in the UK.  Being involved from such an early stage of the evolution of the UK dance music scene coupled with a prolific creativity also helped establish Slater as one of the most high profile and widely recognized figures in UK Techno.  Slater - along with peers such as Carl Cox and Colin Dale – pioneered a Hard Techno sound that was distinctly European, but also distinctly British.

Luke Slater used to play drums as a child and later worked in record shops.  Luke Slater is married with two children.