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Loco Dice Dubfire is a dance music producer and DJ and was previously one half of US dance duo Deep Dish. Deep Dish is known for his minimal and heavily techno influenced house sound. Though some techno aficionados questioned his motives for swapping the commercial success of Deep Dish for the more underground minimal sound. Dubfire has established himself as an important figure in the scene. Dubfire runs his own record label Science + Technology Digital Audio.
Loco Dice scales of success
Loco Dice timeline
'Menina Brasiliera' (Ovum Recordings 2005)
7 Dunham Place
(Desolat 2008)
Residency @ DC-10,

Early Years: 1996 to present

Loco Dice was born in Tunisia but grew up in Germany.  In the early 90’s he established himself as a successful hip-hop DJ and rapper on Germany’s burgeoning hip-hop scene, playing support slots to the likes of Jamiroquai, Usher, Ice Cube and Snoop Dog, as well as releasing one single ‘Coming From D-Town’ (as Dice’C). 

As the German hi[-hop scene broke through to the mainstream Loco Dice switched genres and reinvented himself as a house DJ and producer.  Early remixes, including for Moose T.’ ‘Toscana’ and especially his mix of Timo Maas’ ‘Help Me’ created a worldwide profile to complement the solid reputation he was already building through residencies such as at DC-10 in Ibiza and Tribehouse in Dusseldorf.  Both residencies would go on to be long term commitments for Loco Dice with his DC-10 stint running for four years and Tribehouse for ten.

Loco Dice’s first solo outing was ‘Phat Dope Shit’ in 2003 on Superstar Recordings.  The track, along with follow ups ‘Dynamite Love’ and ‘Cellar Door’ were all dance floor friendly, bass line driven house tracks that worked well but didn’t have a clear sense of identity.  It wasn’t until 2005’s ‘Menina Brasiliera’ that Loco Dice really began to find his techno influenced, more minimal style which he continued to build in future releases such as ‘Carthago’, ‘El Gallo Negro’ and ‘Harissa’.

After a number of mix compilation albums (including 2007’s ‘Time Warp Compilation 07’) Loco Dice released his studio album ‘7 Dunham Place’ in 2008.  The album was released on Desolat, the label he had set up with Martin Buttrich, who had also co-produced tracks such as ‘Menina Brasiliera’ and ‘Phat Dope Shit’.

‘7 Dunham Place’ came out as Loco Dice’s production style continued to steer even closer to techno, with tracks such as ‘Seeing Through Shadows’ and ‘Tight Laces’. 

By the late noughties Loco Dice’s reputation as a serious house DJ with minimal techno leanings was firmly established, as seen with successful residencies and appearances on Ibiza and releases such as ‘Ten Years Cocoon Ibiza’ (with Dubfire).

Loco Dice has proven himself a talented and adaptable DJ and producer.  His early house releases may not have stood out from the pack but ‘Menina Brasiliera’ showcased Loco Dice’s true capabilities and in the subsequent years he has established himself as an important part of the minimal house scene and has built a loyal following among fans and respect from critics.

Loco Dice was born in Tunisia and grew up in Germany.  He co-runs Desolat records and artist management agency Artist Alife.  He is also a keen photographer and footballer.