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Kenny Larkin

Kenny Larkin is an American Techno DJ and Producer.  Part of the ‘Second Wave’ of Detroit Techno Larkin champions an edgy but melodic and sometimes house-tinged take on the Detroit sound.  He has released four studio albums, including the influential ‘Azimuth’.

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(Matric Records 1993)
(Warp Records 1994)

Early Years: 1990 to 2000

Kenny Larkin started producing in 1990 with a number of releases under different aliases including the track ‘We Shall Overcome’ (Plus 8 1990). 

His breakthrough release came one year later with the analogue electro workout ‘Aurora’ (Matric Records 1993).  By this stage though Larkin had already established himself as one of the key proponents of Detroits so called ‘Second Wave’ of Techno.

In 1994 Larkin released his debut original artist album, the critically acclaimed and influential ‘Azimuth’ (Warp Records 1994). ‘Azimuth’s title track demonstrates Larkin’s often edgy but melodic take on the Detroit Techno sound.

During the late 1990’s Larkin slowed his Techno production and DJing in favour of becoming a stand up comedian, a career which he pursued actively for a number of years, swapping DJ-ing gigs for live stand up spots.

'Clavias North'
(Rush Hour Recordings 2007)
'Keys, Strings, Tambourines'
(Planet E 2008)

Early Years: 2001 to present

With the start of the new decade Larkin began to focus on his music once again and he continues to be highly active both as a DJ and producer. 

In 2004 he released his third studio album ‘The Narcissist’ (Peacefrog Records 2004) and four years after that his fourth – and to date latest – ‘Keys, Strings, Tambourines’ (Planet E 2008).

Keys, Strings, Tambourines’ proved to be something of a return to force for Larkin, with the album receiving rave reviews.

Larkin continue to remix extensively, including for the likes of Plastikman and Radioslave.

Kenny Larkin is a central part of the ‘Second Wave’ of Detroit Techno.  His incorporation of House and Electro influences, coupled with a quirky sense of melody are key to Larkin’s contribution to Detroit Techno.

Kenny Larkin became a professional stand-up comedian during the late 1990’s.