Richie Hawtin

Richie Hawtin
Richie Hawtin is an Anglo-Canadian techno DJ and producer currently based in Berlin.  Part of the second wave of Detroit techno DJs and producers Hawtin has since the late nineties been a leading exponent of minimal techno.  Hawtin runs a number of influential labels, including Plus 8 and the minimal techno label M_nus. View Richie Hawtin's TuneAttic profile.
Marco Carola

Marco CarolaItalian techno DJ Marco Carola's career spans three decades during which time his sound has evolved and has covered many of the bases of techno music, more recently finding a new generation of audiences with a slightly slower, more minimal style. 
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Adam Beyer

Adam BeyerSwedish techno DJ Adam Beyer is a hugely prolific producer with close to a hundred releases and countless remixes to his name and has been a major force in techno for 15 years.  Beyer has a number of his own record labels including the seminal imprint Drumcode.
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Ricardo Villalobos

cardo Villalobos
Ricardo Villalobos' career spans three decades Villalobos has pioneered and championed minimal techno, building the foundations for the minimal techno / house trend of the late noughties. He runs two record labels Perlon and Playhouse Music. View Ricardo Villalobo's TuneAttic Profile.