Low tempo music that can range from soothing and melodic Chill Out through to edgy leftfield Ilbient.
ambient chill out downtempo
Jose Padilla is the godfather of club culture Chill Out. Big names in Ambient are Brian Eno and Carbon Based Lifeforms. DJ Shadow and DJ Spooky are key figures in Downtempo.
Jose Padilla - 'Adios Ayer', Carbon Based Lifeforms - 'Photosynthesis', Younger Brother - 'All I Want', Shpongle - 'Star Shpongled Banner'
Younger Brother - 'The Last Days Of Gravity', Vibrasphere - 'Exploring The Tributaries', Carbon Based Lifeforms - 'World Of Sleepers'
Androcell, Phutureprimitive, Easily Embarrassed, Tripswitch
Some Ambient and Downtempo subgenres are niche but much of Chill Out is mainstream.
Chill Out is big in Ibiza culture, Trip-Hop in the UK and US, Psybient in Israel and the global Psy-Trance scene.
Trip-Hop and Ilbient are so cool they hurt as are some leftfield Ambient subgenres. Some Chill Out less so.