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Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery is a British trance DJ and producer.  Tipped for success from an early Emery is becoming established as one of the big names in trance music globally.  He was voted #7 in the DJ Magazine top 100 DJ poll in 2010.  Emery hosts a weekly podcast and runs his own record label Garuda Records.

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(Garuda 2010)
'Northern Lights' (Garuda 2010)
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Early Years: 2002 to present

Gareth Emery started out as a producer in 2002 with a white label remix of The Shrink’s ‘Nervous Breakdown’ which reached a global audience when it was broadcast live as part of a Judge Jules DJ set on BBC Radio 1.  The track got him the support of big name UK DJs such as Eddie Halliwell and Guy Ornadel. 

Follow up releases continued to cement his growing reputation, particularly ‘Mistral’ released as GTR in 2003.  The driving bass line driven sound of ‘Mistral’ with its big hypnotic lead line got the immediate support of trance legends Ferry Corsten and Paul van Dyk.

For the next couple of years Emery’s production output increased, including numerous collaborations with the likes of John O’Bir, Nicholas Bennison and Mark Dedross. The majority of his releases were issued on his newly launched 5AM record label, based in Manchester where he also promoted his own club night at Sanky Soap’s.  He was also becoming increasingly in demand as a DJ, appearing across the UK at clubs such as the Gallery at Turnmills in London, Godskitchen in Birmingham, and Slinky in Bournemouth. 

In 2006 released ‘Another You Another Me’ (Vandit) with legendary trance producer Lange.  ‘Another You Another Me’ with its rasping dirty bass line and anthemic lead line won Emery further support from big name DJ’s.  The same year he launched The Gareth Emery Podcast which soon won him a large global following and resulted in the 2007 album ‘The Podcast Annual 2007’ (Baroque Records). 

In 2009 Emery launched a new record label Garuda and later that year released the compilation album ‘The Sound Of Garuda’ (Garuda).  One of his first self-released singles on Garuda was the peak time progressive anthem ‘Exposure’ (Garuda 2009).  In 2010 Emery released the vocal trance track ‘Sanctuary’ featuring Lucy Saunders on vocals and echoing the feel of Ferry Corsten’s ‘Made of Love’‘Sanctuary’ is both Emery’s most mainstream release to date and his most popular.

Gareth Emery is set to become one of the top tier of global trance DJs and producers.  Tipped from an early age by critics, fans and DJs alike he spent the second half of the noughties building a solid reputation through strong DJ performances and a prolific production output.  Emery’s style straddles mainstream and progressive trance, giving him the ability to reach out to the mainstream whilst still retaining a dance floor following.

Gareth Emery was born in Southampton on the south coats of the UK but now lives in Macnhester in the north.  He has classical piano training and at one time also played both jazz and punk.