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GaiserGaiser is an American minimal techno DJ and producer, strongly associated with Richie Hawtin’s minimal techno M_nus label.  Producing since 2005 Gaiser has developed his  own distinct take on the minimal sound with twisted FX and driving but intricate beats.
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'Neural Block'
(M_nus 2006)
'Blank Fade'
(M_nus 2008)

Early Years: 2005 to present

While growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan Gaiser played drums in local punk bands but at aged 14 switched his musical allegiances to techno after hearing Richie Hawtin DJ for the first time in Detroit.  Over the following years he started buying music equipment and honing his production and mixing skills. 

Buying most of his records from Record Time in Detroit gave him the opportunity to get to know the team from Richie Hawtin’s minimal techno label M_nus which had an office in the same building. The association with M_nus would become develop into a long term relationship that came to help define Gaiser’s career.

Gaiser’s first releases, ‘The Process’ (Blazaebla 2005) and ‘And Answer’ (M_nus 2005) were dark and moody minimal techno, with relentless syncopated percussion patterns and twisted FX.   The release of ‘And Answer’ was the first of many tracks Gaiser would release on M_nus.

With his 2006 release ‘Neural Block’ (again on M_nus) Gaiser stripped his sound down even further and replaced the darkness of his early releases with a more up-tempo, though still twisted, dance floor friendly sound.  Gaiser built upon this blueprint of minimal twisted house-tinged house between 2006 and 2008 with releases such as ‘Eye Contact’ in 2007 (M_nus).

In 2008 Gaiser released his debut album ‘Blank Fade’, once again on M_nus.

Gaiser moved to Berlin, the epicentre of the minimal techno movement and where Hawtin and most M_nus artists are based.  In 2009 he returned briefly to Detroit as part of M_nus’s Contakt tour.  The tour was just part of an increasingly hectic touring schedule that in addition to the US took in Europe and Japan.

Also by 2009 Gaiser started to bring a more driving edge to his productions, and with ‘Pullpush’ (2009 M_nus) and ‘Static Level’ (2010 M_nus) introduced driving bass lines that sound as at home on a house dance floor as in a techo club.

Being a long-term part of Richie Hawtin’s M_nus label helps put Gaiser at the core of the minimal scene.  GaiserThough Gaiser’s productions remain distinctive due to his signature twisted sounds, he has joined a wave of minimal DJs and producers such as Loco Dice, Nic Fanciulli and Dubfire that have blurred the distinction between house and techno.

Jon Gaiser says that ‘My “bedroom” has always been a room full of gear that happened to have a bed in the corner'.  Originally from near Detroit he now lives in Berlin.