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Cass and Slide

Cass and Slide were a British progressive trance production and remix duo renowned for their dark, understated productions and remixes.  Their popularity rose and peaked with the rise of the progressive trance scene.  They stopped producing in 2003.

Cass and Slide scales of success
Cass and Slide timeline


(Fire 1999)
'Burning The Candle At Both Ends'
(Fire 2002)

Early Years: 1999 to 2007

Cass and Slide met whilst working at London based trance label Flying Rhino Records.  They released two singles on Flying Rhino Records ‘Diablo’ (Flying Rhino Records 1999) and ‘Mephisto's Child’ (Flying Rhino Records 1999).  The electro tinged progressive ‘Diablo’ brought Cass and Slide international exposure when it was licensed to John Digweed's Global Underground Hong Kong mix compilation. 

Cass and Slide left Flying Rhino Records later that year to sign to a new record label Fire Records that Cass had set up with progressive house DJ Lee Burridge, who at the time was performing regularly with the likes of Sasha and Digweed. 
Cass and Slide’s next single ‘Perception’ (Fire 1999) swapped the dark driving feel of ‘Diablo’ for sweeping pads, floating trance leads and ethereal female vocals.  The combination brought the duo what would prove to be their biggest success.
The pair rode the wave of the progressive trance boom of the late nineties and early noughties, becoming increasingly in demand as remixers, remixing tracks for the likes of The Cure, Sugar Glider and Astral Projection.  In 2001 they recorded a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix which was subsequently released on Fire Records as ‘Essential Mix Radio One 23.12.01’ (Fire 2001).

In 2002 they released their only original artist album ‘Burning The Candle At Both Ends’ (Fire 2002).  The album’s focus chill out and breakbeat surprised some fans and the album met with mixed reviews.

In 2003 Fire Records closed and Cass and Slide ceased activities.  In 2007 they released a one-off single ‘Lost Life’ (Wall Of Sound 2007) . The bare electro production sensibilities of ‘Lost Life’ bear little resemblance to the complex soundscapes Cass and Slide had built a reputation for years previously.

Cass Cutbush continued to release solo work regularly until 2008.

In 2010 Markus Schulz reworked ‘Perception’ using Justine Suissa’s vocals.

Cass and Slide were as production duo ‘off the moment’.  Their brooding complex but understated soundscapes fitted perfectly the sets of progressive trance DJs of the late nineties and early noughties.  Their production capabilities were clearly of the highest order but as the progressive movement loss momentum Cass and Slide too disappeared from the main stage.