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Carl Craig

Carl Craig is an American Techno DJ and Producer.  The leading figure of the ‘Second Wave’ of Detroit Techno DJs and Producers, Craig is renowned for his incorporation of diverse sounds and influences into his productions.  He uses multiple alias to produce in many genres including Ambient, Breakbeat & Techno.

Carl Craig scales of success
Carl Craig timeline


'Televised Green Smoke'
(Planet E Communications 1997)
(Studio !K7 1996)

Early Years: 1990 to 2000

Carl Craig started out DJing and producing in Detroit, following the lead set by the Detroit techno originators Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins.  Those three DJs were a major influence on Craig and he even went on to collaborate with May.

In 1991 Craig set up the influential Techno record label Planet-E Communications which went on to include releases from artists such as Kenny Larkin, Kevin Saunderson and Craig himself.

However, what made Craig stand out from the crowd – and become the leading light of Detroit’s so called ‘Second Wave’ of Techno producers was his incorporation of diverse musical influences and genres. 

Thus it is not surprising that Craig’s breakthrough track was actually a breakbeat track.  The track - ‘Bug In The Bass Bin’ (Planet E Communications1992) under his Innerzone Orchestra alias – has been widely credited with helping set Drum and Bass on its post-hard core direction.

Over the course of the following years Craig continued to demonstrate his musical dexterity with releases that incorporated Jazz, Soul and ambient.  Craig’s landmark 1994 track ‘DJ-Kicks (At Les)’ (R & S Records 1994) also used breakbeats, this time combining them with ambient textures and hypnotic analogue synth arpeggios. 

In 1997 Craig released one his most successful tracks to date - ‘Televised Green Smoke’ (Planet E Communications 1997) – an electro-tinged hypnotic track that is drenched in the sound of Detroit Techno.

'Sandstorm' (Umi 2003)
'The Album Formerly Known As...' (Planet E 2005)

Later Years: 2001 to present

Carl Craig has continued to be highly active throughout the 2000’s, both DJing and producing, including the track Electro / Tech House track ‘Sandstorm’ (Umi 2003). 

Craig was co-creator and artistic director for the Detroit Electronic Music festival in 2000 and 2001.  Following a dispute with the organizers of the event Craig finally returned to his position in 2010 under new organizers.


Carl Craig is the most influential and successful of Detroit’s Second Wave of Techno producers.  His diversity of styles and influences set him apart as one of the most creative Techno producers whose influences extend far beyond Techno itself.