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David Guetta

Bob Sinclar is a globally famous French house producer and DJ who has multiple global hit singles to his name.  A key figure in the French House scene of the late nineties Sinclar broke through to the global mainstream with his 2005 hit ‘Love Generation’. 

Bob Sinclar scales of success
Bob Sinclar timeline
'I Feel For You' (Yellow Productions 2000)
'Champs Elysées' (Yellow Productions 2000)

Early Years: 1996 to 2004

Bob Sinclar started out as a DJ in 1986 playing funk and hip hop and released his first production ‘A Space Funk Project’ (Yellow Productions) in 1996 but his first breakthrough track was two years later with ‘Gym Tonic’ (East West 1998).  The track  features non-cleared vocals from a Jane Fonda workout video and was co-produced by Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter.

Sinclar was at the centre of the French House movement of the late nineties along with the likes of Daft Punk, David Guetta and Dimitri from Paris.  As with the productions of his compatriots Sinclar’s sound featured heavily filtered disco elements, such as in the 2000 track ‘I Feel For You’ (Yellow Productions) which was taken from his second studio album  Champs Elysées.

Throughout his career Sinclar has repeatedly referenced his influences and musical styles outside of house music, particularly Latin and African music.  In 2002 he released the first in a series of three ‘Africanism’ albums that showcased a more tribal and African influenced house sound from a collection of producers.

Sinclar’s mainstream radio-friendly pop house productions continued to enjoy success, such as ‘The Beat Goes On’ in 2004 (Yellow Productions). 

'Love Generation' (Yellow Productions 2005)
'Born In 69'
(Yellow Productions 2009)
North America tour

Later Years: 2005 to present

Sinclar’s big breakthrough to the mainstream came in 2005 with ‘Love Generation’ (Yellow Productions).  Combining a catchy melody, feel-good guitars, an up-tempo house beat, flute and reggae influenced vocals ‘Love Generation’ was a global hit, reaching number 1 in five countries.

Following the success of ‘Love Generation’ Sinclar released another similar production ‘World, Hold On’ (Yellow Productions 2006) which was used as one of the official anthems of the 2006 football World Cup.  

In 2010 Sinclar released the album ‘Made In Jamaica’.  ‘Made In Jamaica’ was recorded in Jamaica and featured many big names in reggae such as Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, remaking many of Sinclar’s greatest hits in a reggae style.  The album was nominated for a Grammy, his second so far..

Bob Sinclar has established himself as one of the big names in mainstream house, his brand of vocal house pop scoring him numerous global success. At the same time though Sinclar has  shown an enthusiasm for exploring his musical roots through projects such as ‘Africanism’ and ‘Made in Jamaica’.

Bob Sinclar is married with two children.