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Bluetech is a Downtempo production and performance alias of US ambient producer Evan Bartholomew. Bartholomew has been producing as Bluetech since 2003 and has released seven studio albums. Bartholomew also regularly performs live as Bluetech.

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'Elementary Particles'
(Aleph Zero Records 2004)
'Sines And Singularities'
(Aleph Zero Records 2005)
The Gathering,
Japan 2006

Early Years: 2003 to present

Evan Bartholomew has been producing under the Bluetech alias since 2003, releasing the same year his debut studio album ‘Prima Materia’ (Waveform Records 2003).  The highly imaginative and sophisticated soundscapes in ‘Prima Materia’ soon gained him attention on the ambient scene, particularly in Pysbient circles. 

By 2004 he had been signed to leading Israeli Psybient label Aleph Zero Records and released the ‘Elementary Particles E.P.’ (Aleph Zero Records 2004).  The E.P.s title track ‘Elementary Particles’ is a complex, subtle, evolving and highly melodic all at the same time and is typical of the Bluetech sound. 

Bartholomew states that with Bluetech productions he tries to deconstruct traditional note-based melody and reconstruct it through layers of tones and sonic components.

Bartholomew’s creative output is impressive: in addition to six Bluetech studio albums, he has also released pure Ambient albums as Evan Bartholomew and Tech House releases as Evan Marc.

In his 2010 Blutech album  ‘Love Songs To The Source’ (Interchill Records 2010) Bartholomew moved away from his purely electronic ambient sound, collaborating with a number of traditional musicians.

Bluetech’s most recent album was ‘Rainforest Reverberation’ (Native State Records 2011).

Evan Bartholomew is a highly talented and distinctive creative talent. Bluetech’s music achieves melody and emotion without having to resort to cliché or the expected.  He combines a prolific creativity with a drive to innovate and experiment, resulting in beautiful music that is electronic but with soul.

Evan Bartholomew is a classically trained pianist.