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Barem is a minimal techno DJ and producer from Argentina.  Strongly associated with techno heavyweight Richie Hawtin, he has released multiple tracks on the Anglo-Canadian’s M_nus label and performed at many of the labels events across the globe.

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(M_nus 2008)
Contakt @ Brixton Academy 2009

Early Years: 2005 to present

Mauricio Barembuem – aka Barem -  is a minimal techno DJ and producer, born and bred in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2005 Barem released his debut ‘Kleine’ E.P. on the free Internet label Unfoundsound.  “Kleine’ has a funky tech-house feel that only hinted at his future minimal style. One track in particular - ‘Suki’ - got the attention of a number of DJs.  By the follow up ‘Kleine Vol II’ (Unfoundsound, 2006) Barem had found his minimal techno sound with minimal but echo drenched percussion.  In later releases the reverb would often be scaled back to create an even more minimal feel. 

Next came Barem’s first vinyl release, the ‘Campo Madness’ E.P. in May 2006.  By this stage he had got the attention of  Anglo-Canadian techno godfather Richie Hawtin who asked him to start sending him through demos.  One of these - ‘Opal’ - appeared on Min2Max LP and off the back of that Barem found himself getting booked for live performances in Europe and in the US.

Then in 2007 Richie Hawtin’s finally released Barem on his M-nus label, starting first with ‘Never Better Than Late’ and then the ‘Suki’ E.P. the following year.  On his M_nus releases Barem had honed his minimal style even further, with syncopated hi hat and shaker patterns set against a back drop of sparse percussion licks and eerie FX noises. 

In 2008 Barem put his live performances on hold to focus on studio and DJ work, securing sets at Timewarp, Detroit Music Festival and Richie Hawtin’s 2009’s Contakt special at Brixton Academy in 2009.  In 2010 he released the ‘Freeloader’ E.P. with Butane.

Barem is an up and coming artist with strong potential and the invaluable support of Richie Hawtin. Barem’s challenge will be to build upon his early promise and to demonstrate creative capabilities beyond the comparatively narrow niche of minimal techno.

Barem played blues and rock guitar in bands as a teenager.