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Astrix is the production alias of Georgian-Israeli Psy-Trance / Full On DJ and producer Avi Shmailov.  Shmailov is one of the pioneers of the Full On subgenre of Psy-Trance and has been producing since 2002.  He has four studio albums to his name and tours extensively across the globe.

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'Optical Vibes'
(HOM-Mega Productions 2002)
(HOM-Mega Productions 2004)

Early Years: 2002to present

Avi Shmailov started producing as Astrix in 1997 but his first release didn’t come until five years later when in 2002 he signed to Israeli Psychedelic Trance label HOM-Mega Productions.  His debut album ‘Eye To Eye’ (HOM-Mega Productions 2002) was one of the first major albums in the then recently emerged, primarily Israeli, subgenre of Psy-Trance, Full On.  

Tracks from the album such as the ‘Scientific Reality’ and the title track ‘Eye To Eye’ were blueprints for Astrix’s sound and indeed the Full On genre as a whole.  They took the essence of earlier Psy-Trance and Goa Trance artists such as Astral Projection, but stripped the sound down and toughened it up to create a sound that is cleaner, more techy, darker and harder than the original Psy-Trance music.  And while most trance tracks typically build to their peak midway through, with the breakdown introducing the lead hook, Astrix often leaves the introduction of his hooks until two thirds of the way in, relying on subtle layering of percussion and effects to build the track until that point.  The combined result is hypnotic but at the same time driving and is often seen as the perfect music for sunrise sets in Psy-Trance parties.  A quick look at live performances of Astrix on YouTube will show numerous early morning daylight sets.

Astrix released his follow up studio album in 2004: ‘Artcore’ (HOM-Mega Productions 2004).  ‘Artcore’ was even more successful than ‘Eye To Eye’ and tracks form it were licensed to moxies, games and TV ads.

In 2007 Astrix reach number 18 in the DJ Magazine Top 100 DJ poll and the following year released his third studio album ‘One Step Ahead’            (HOM-Mega Productions 2008).  In 2010 he released his fourth studio album ‘Red Means Distortion’ (HOM-Mega Productions 2010).

Avi Shmailov has established his Astrix production alias as the leading force in the Full On Scene.  His pared down, hard, techy production style breathed a new lease of life into Psy-Trance. Though Astrix may not be that well known outside of the Psy-Trance fraternity he is hugely popular within it and recognized as one of the modern day pioneers.   

Avi Shmailov was born in the former Soviet state of Georgia in 1981. His family moved to Israel when he was nine years old.