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Afterlife is the Chill Out and Downtempo production alias of British DJ and producer Steve Miller.  Miller has been releasing as Afterlife since 1995 and has nine studio albums to his name.  Miller used to DJ and perform live regularly but is less active now due to developing a rare allergy to Wi-Fi.

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(Bar De Lune 2004)
'Speck Of Gold'
(Bar De Lune 2004)
The Glade,
Glastonbury 2000

Early Years: 1995 to present

Steve Miller brought his Afterlife project to life in 1995 with his self-titled debut album ‘Afterlife’ (Ripe Recordings 1995). 

Over the next few years Miller steadily built a reputation as a producer of high quality, melodic Chill Out.  His reputation that was boosted further by the release of his second album ‘Simplicity’ (Hed Kandi Records 1999) and particularly by the reworked and remixed version of the same album ‘Simplicity 2000’ (Hed Kandi Records 2000) which included the single ‘Breather’ (Hed Kandi Records 2000).

2000 was also the year that Miller played the first Afterlife live gig, performed at The Glade in Glastonbury in 2000.  Other Afterlife gigs that year included Pacha and headlining the 20th anniversary of Café del Mar.

Afterlife’s growing success was also illustrated by the fact that he had tracks licensed to two of the highly successful Café del Mar compilation series, including two separate tracks on ‘Café del Mar Volumen Ocho’.

Afterlife’s highpoint to date came in 2004 with the album ‘Speck Of Gold’ (Bar De Lune 2004) which included the successful single ‘Sunrise’ (Bar De Lune 2004).

In 2005 Miller teamed up with fellow Chill Out and Downtempo producer James Bright to release the critically acclaimed album 'Northern Lights' (Tundra 2005) as Lux.

In 2009 released the album ‘Electrosensitive’ (Bargrooves 2009) which referred to the Wi-Fi allergy Miller developed and the effects of which became so bad that he was forced to give up his Pacha DJ residency in Ibiza.

In June 2010 Miller teamed up with Chris Coco to release ‘The Sun Rising’ (Defected) under the alias The Normalities.  A reworking of an old Ibiza classic, ‘The Sun Rising’ featured a percussive Balearic house Afterlife mix.

In 2011 Miller released ‘The Afterlife Lounge Remastered’ (Subatomic UK 2011), a remastered version of his 2006 album ‘The Afterlife Lounge’.

Coming from a Jazz and Reggae background Steve Miller brings a diverse and well-rounded musical vision to his high quality and supremely melodic take on Chill Out.  With his Afterlife alias Miller has established himself as one of the top tier of Chill Out producers though his Wi-Fi allergy has forced him away from the spotlight.

Steve Miller is one of two per cent of the UK population that suffers from an allergy to Wi-Fi called Electromagnetic Hypersensetivity.  Miller has had to turn many DJ gigs because of the condition, including his DJ slot at Pacha in Ibiza.