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Aes Dana

Aes Dana is the Ambient and Psy-Trance production alias of French DJ and producer Vincent Villuis.  Villius has released five Aes Dana studio albums that range from Pure Ambient through to low tempo Psy-Trance..

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(Ultimae 2004)
(Ultimae Records 2009)
Greece 2009

Early Years: 2001 to present

Villius started the Aes Dana project in 2001, the same year he set up Ultimae Records with business partner and producer Sunbeam.

A number of Aes Dana tracks were featured on a 2001 Ultimae Records sampler album, including two production which would later form the basis of Aes Dana albums: ‘Memory Shell’ and ‘Leylines’.

In 2002 Villius released the first Aes Dana studio album ‘Season 5’ (Ultimae Records 2002).  ‘Season 5’ is a mix of Downtempo Ambient Breakbeat and slow Progressive Psy-Trance, in many ways a pure Psybient album.

The second Aes Dana album ‘Aftermath’ (Ultimae Records 2003) followed a more abstract and Pure Ambient direction than ‘Season 5’ with slower tempos and atmospheric beat-less soundscapes.

More recently Villius has returned to a more trance based and higher tempo sound, as seen on tracks such as ‘Evergreen’ (Ultimae Records 2008).
In 2009 Villius composed soundtracks for two independent movies - ‘The Passport’ and ‘Atrophy Bank’ - and became Official Resident for the Dominicains of Haute Alsace for 2009-2010 where, as an “artiste en residence” he created audio-visual soundscapes.

Influenced by his experiences at Haute Alsace, and his interactions with German composer Christoph Berg, Villius released the fifth Aes Dana studio album in 2011: ‘Perimeters’ (Ultimae Records 2011).

Vincent Villius has demonstrated a strong musical diversity and ability throughout successive Ae Dana releases that encompass Downtempo Psy-Trance, Pure Ambient and Downtempo Breaks.   

Prior to starting the Aes Dana project Vincent Villuis played bass and sang in various bands, DJ-ed and worked as a sound designer.